Epoxy Flooring

Flooring in restaurants, in gyms and in malls is made of a material that allows for constant use in wet and dry situations. These floors are covered by epoxy a polymer that coats the floor and makes it more durable and able to withstand constant traffic.

This type of flooring can be used to cover concrete, wood, and tile. Some of the flooring is a little hard to clean, while others that have a special coating are very easy to be clean and mopped. These floors are resistant against mold and fungus. They are great for pet shelters, veterinary hospitals, public restrooms, restaurant kitchens, public shower stalls etc. the flooring is ecofriendly, less water is used for cleaning and it doesn’t trap dirt or grime. It is made from natural stones and organic resins that have no cracks or crevices.

The flooring is tough and durable it can be made to be slip resistant or coarse to allow for traction. Epoxy flooring can be exposed to fat, grease; oils, sugar and bodily fluids, and it can withstand high and low temperatures. This flooring can last up to ten years or more, it comes in a variety of colors and blends and it can usually be installed in a day or two in most cases. In most cases this type of flooring last longer than some of the businesses that build around them.

This type of flooring is found everywhere there is a lot of traffic, especially in malls, restaurants, schools etc. These floors in these facilities have to be able to withstand a lot of customers constantly traveling on it daily. It has to be able to be cleaned easily and inexpensively and that is what epoxy flooring does. It can be placed over and molded with most types of floors. The epoxy blends or merges with the current floor to allow for flexibility and sturdiness, reducing the cracks and seams that are present on regular flooring. Epoxy can also be used in paints, coatings, adhesives, industrial tools, electrical systems and art supplies. It is a versatile polymer.

Bespoke Oak Flooring

Welcome to the retailer of bespoke Oak flooring. Alongside offering a bespoke selection of oak floors we also provide professional installation and a stunning restoration service that will bring to life even the dullest of floors. With many years experience within the flooring industry we are proud to have established excellent relationships with many of the world leading flooring manufacturers. This in turn has led us to offer some of the finest floorings available online at very competitive prices.

Oak flooring has become one of the most popular choices for families throughout the UK. An Oak floor is always a timeless classic, it can be placed within any room and still create a look of elegance and demeanour effortlessly. We have sourced a stunning collection of solid oak flooring that has become a firm favourite for many of our clients, as it is suited to large rooms and small rooms alike. Our range of oak flooring consists of favourites including the unrivalled ambience of the French oak flooring, oiled oak flooring and the practicality of solid oak flooring. Each of our oak floors will create warmth and beauty to your home alongside an everlasting surface that will help to add value to your property.

If you are looking for an oak floor or have ideas on something a little special like the oiled oak flooring but would like a little advice first please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to offer you independent advice alongside providing you a low cost quote.

Ideas on Remodelling the Home

The idea of remodelling your home can become a very daunting task. Most of us just do not have the time throughout the working week so tend to put it off till the weekend. Then when weekend arrives you just want to rest from the hard work undertaken within the week. This concept is apparent in many households. To this end it is possibly better to leave the remodelling to certified experts. This again can often lead to large delays occurring due to the fact that deciding on exactly the right design and styling can be very difficult.

When deciding on a remodelling venture it is first best to start by examining the budget you have available. If you are uncertain about the desired project the expense can dramatically increase through indecision. Once you have established the amount of money you want to spend you really want to explore all options open to yourself. In many ways it could be better for you to consult a professional designer or contractor, explain exactly what it is you’re after and your budget requirements. They will then in return explain and design a scaled down model of what they can provide.

With any remodelling project it is always better to start from the floor upwards. This means finding the most appropriate flooring to coincide with your desired décor. Wooden flooring is one of the finest options for budget and quality. The most popular wood flooring on today’s market is the hardwood family of woods. These delightful floors come in a large range of variety from oak flooring to beach, walnut, cherry and the list goes on. With such a large variety on hand the wooden flooring comes in  many desirable colours ensuring that no matter what your remodelling project consists of the correct floor will enhance the appeal.


If you are searching for methods to enhance the feel and interior design within your home you want to start from the floor upwards.

There are many types of flooring available on today’s market from stone floors to wooden floors. The main attribute before looking into flooring is exactly what budget you want to spend and then the requirements you will need out of the flooring.

If you are looking at only a small budget then I would advise that you go for one of the many types of wood flooring available. There are literally hundreds to choose from but most people target the hardwood floors due to the durability and reliability they provide. Hardwood flooring comes in many beautiful colours and textures enabling you the ability to tailor the exact floor to match your interior décor.

Most of the popular hardwood floors include beech, maple, ash, cherry, red oak and the list goes on. One of the excellent attributes you gain with the addition of new flooring within your home is not only the elegance and beauty they offer but they also add value to your home.

You may already have your own wooden flooring featured within your home but it may have over time lost its appeal and its original beauty.

If this is the case then you require a restoration project where you employ the services of a professional company to restore your flooring. The process starts with the floor being sanded. Floor sanding on a hardwood floor is not just like any normal sanding procedure where you get sand paper and give it a good rubbing.

The floor sanding requires special machinery and skills and techniques provided by professionals. If you have a parquet floor the floor sanding procedure is a little different but still requires skilled techniques. Once the floor sanding is complete the complex process takes a few other skilful techniques such as lacquering and varnishing but when the restoration is finished you will have your floor restored back to its former glory.

Parquet Flooring.

Parquet flooring has been manufactured and used for decades and was originally used by either the rich or for creating dance floors, gyms and many other businesses requiring a beautiful hard wearing floor. Parquet flooring differs a little from other conventional engineered woods as it comprises of blocks of wood combined with strips of wood that enhance the look by featuring many visual patterns created within the wood.

Originally these patterns were created by hand but know with state of the art machinery these patterns are manufactured directly into the wood. Parquet flooring provides a very rich array of dark colours but is unlike other forms of wooden flooring and must be fitted by a professional. But once your parquet flooring has been fitted, lacquered and finished you will be truly amazed by the beauty and splendour added to your room.

Oak flooring is becoming one of the favoured floorings for many homes throughout the UK.

When we enter a room the first aspect we tend to notice is the flooring and then the other main focal points of the room. This is why it is paramount you choose the correct flooring for your home. Oak flooring is an excellent choice adding character and style to any room.

Oak flooring belongs to the hardwood flooring family where you have an extensive selection of colours and textures to choose from and the addition of a hard wearing floor. The best aspect with oak flooring is the lasting and resilience it provides enriched by a warm and rich colour with the addition of having a floor that will last a lifetime.